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Current Fundraisers

If you have ideas and suggestions please email them to!

NEW player Recruitment Program

​We are trying to recruit new players - specifically younger players to keep our organization running for the years to come. We created some business cards that can be handed out to youth programs (ie: Dek Hockey, Schools, Cub Scouts, etc). If you would like to help pass these out, please contact us at If you are able to recruit someone, please check out our Referral Program below for additional benefits.







Player Referral Program

This is a player fundraiser

  • Recruit a Skater:

    • Player gets $25 gift card

    • Parents get $50 off next season’s player fee

  • Recruit a Goalie:

    • Player gets $50 gift card

    • Parents get $100 off next season’s player fee

Giant Eagle Gift Cards

This is a player fundraiser

Giant Eagle gift cards are an easy way to earn a credit on your player's SAIH account. This fundraiser runs all year. Credits earned can be applied to registration fees, uniforms or banquet registration. It can also carry over from year-to-year. We have parents that are able to pay for a player's entire season just by selling gift cards.

Here are the details:

  • Players earn $5 for every $100 in gift cards sold. While it, doesn't sound like much but it really adds up.

  • Every month Becky Porter will send out an email asking if you want to order Giant Eagle Cards.

    • You can get them in $25, $50, $100 and $500.

    • The check is held for 4 weeks.  

  • The cards can be used to buy groceries, gas, or other gift cards. So even if you don't shop at Giant Eagle you still need gas and can get gift cards to places you want to shop at. 

  • This isn't limited to just SAIH members, most people ask family and friends if they would like to help.  

    • We only ask that you only send one check. Have your friends and family write a check to you.

  • You still earn your fuel/food perks when using the gift cards so it's really a win-win!  You earn money towards hockey and you earn money towards your gas or food!

Please note that Hockey fees need to be paid in full by November, so anything you sell now until then will credit towards what you owe. After November, the credits start accumulating for the following season.

Flyers and Order Forms

Applicable flyers and order forms will be listed here.

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