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Coaching Requirements

  • All coaches on the bench must complete the PIRHL Coaches Seminar online. 

  • All certified coaches and/or adults on the bench must have Non-Athlete AAU Insurance and coaching card. 

  • All coaches on the bench must be wear the lanyard with their PIRHL AAU Coaching Card for the Season.  

  • A team is to have no more than 3 coaches on the bench. 

  • All coaches must wear a helmet during practice, if on the floor. This is not required while on the bench during practice or games.  

  • Coaches on the bench must be at least 18 years of age, and no longer in high school. 

AAU Insurance

SAIH covers the cost of the required AAU insurance for all coaches


If you have been selected to coach this season please click here to register, or email for more information.

PIRHL Coaching Courses

Complete the Required Online Coach's Course by following these directions:

  • Directions for accessing Online Coach's Course

  • In addition to the online course, you are REQUIRED to attend a MANDATORY Coaches Meeting on one of two TBD dates/locations. You only required to attend one of the meetings.

  • Failure to attend one of the face to face meetings and completion of online course results in coach not being eligible to coach a team this season, NO EXCEPTIONS. 

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