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Code of Conduct & Discipline


Game & Practice Preparation: Be prepared dressed in full equipment 10 minutes before your practice time and 20 minutes before your game time. Please contact a coach if you will miss or be late with a valid reason


No Rude, vulgar or disrespectful comments/behavior to referees, coaches, opponents, parents, and your own players. (no bullying, taunts, theft, vandalism, sexual harassment)


No Fighting, Retaliating and Unsportsmanlike Behavior. Gameday incidents may be subjected to rules and discipline policy of the PIRHL


No Alcohol, Controlled Substance (Drugs) including Tobacco Products. Possession, use, distribution, or under the influence ** 3 Game Suspension**


The guidelines pertain to time you arrive in the parking lot, walkways, locker rooms, stands, and rink until you leave.


Failure to follow those guidelines will result at the coach’s discretion to impose a partial suspension and at the board’s discretion a single or multiple game suspensions. Suspensions will be enforced during the current season unless an infraction occurs at the end of the season then the suspension would carry into the following season.


If a situation needs addressed, communication needs to be with the coach, player, and parent. If the situation is not resolved, contact the board.


1st Offense: One Period Suspension

2nd Offense: One Game Suspension

3rd Offense: Three Games Suspension with review

Integrity, Self Control, and Respect

Players/coaches/parents need to respect each other and their opponents. Keep negative comments and actions to yourself. When you retaliate in a physical or verbal manner, most likely you will be penalized and selfishly you have lost control and hurt your team. Treat others as you would like to be treated.

Shaler Area School District Policy

Students, sponsors, chaperones and or parents, participating in a club sport event or practice are bound by personal conduct standards as stated in SASD policy manual; in particular policy 222 tobacco use, and policy 227, alcohol and other drugs. Therefore, a student who violates SASD established student control and code of conduct policies may be excluded from participating in any club sport event or practice. If a player is suspended from school and if the suspension dates are during the same time as a game or practice, they are not eligible to participate. Also, players must maintain a 2.0-grade average to be eligible to participate. For specific details visit the SASD website



For specific details visit the PIRHL website. Click on playing rules and scroll towards the bottom for the Zero Tolerance Policy Rinks.



The Rinks have their own rules and conduct policies. If a person behaves in such a manner that the business will not permit them into their building, that person will have to adhere to their policy which does not involve Shaler Inline Hockey. The following types of behavior are not acceptable for players, coaches, and spectators. The severity of such behavior may result in suspension or banishment.

  • Vulgar & obscene language

  • Fighting

  • Bullying, Taunting, Threats

  • Vandalism

  • Theft

  • Cheating and/or Forgery

  • Sexual harassment

  • Possession, use, distribution, under the influence of alcohol, controlled substance (drugs) including tobacco products


Integrity, Self Control, and Respect


Players, coaches, and spectators represent not only themselves but the Shaler community. As individuals, and as a group, nobody wants to have a reputation for being obnoxious. Remember, it is not whether you win or lose, it's how you play or view the game. Foster good sportsmanship. Keep your perspective. It's only a game.


Self Control

Situations will occur when our own players/coaches/spectators, referees, or the opposing team's players/coaches/spectators actions may not be to our liking. Examples may be a call missed by the ref, a push or shove by the opponent, or a spectator making a rude comment. Remember to keep your temper under control before behaving in a way which would not only make you look bad, but it affects everyone associated with Shaler. Players, when you retaliate by going after another player, you are likely to be the one who will get the penalty. Everyone makes mistakes, including referees. No one likes to be yelled at, criticized and humiliated, especially in public. Players, coaches, and spectators have their roles, but losing your control with the opposing team or referees is not one of them. If a dispute occurs, discuss the situation before or after the game for clarification in a calm manner.



Players/coaches/parents need to respect each other and their opponents. You may not like someone, but you are better served to keep negative comments, insults, and actions to yourself rather than starting a verbal rant which tends to lead to a fight. Treat others as you would like to be treated. Behave positively and in a respectful manner with your comments and actions for all concerned.

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