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Equipment Requirements

Please review the PIRHL equipment requirements

Here is the excerpt that SAIH strictly enforces:

  • All players must wear the following: Missing any of the following will result in a two (2) minute penalty for a Delay of Game.

    • A HECC approved hockey helmet with a full-face mask and chin strap.  All straps on helmet must be fastened at all times while on the rink.

    • Elbow pads.  Jersey sleeves must cover elbow pads.

    • Gloves designed for hockey or lacrosse

    • Hockey shin guards.  Hockey pants must cover the shin guards.

    • An internal mouth guard must be in the mouth during play.

      • If a player is issued a top and bottom orthodontic mouthguard without a strap, he/she must present the mouthguard to the referee prior to the game and notify the scorekeeper. He/she will be permitted to play but will be given penalty if not in the mouth.  

    • Inline skates.  Skates must have a full set of wheels.  If a player loses a wheel while on the rink, he/she must leave the rink immediately and is not permitted to return until the wheel is replaced.

  • Goalies must wear in addition to the above

    • Upper body equipment  

    • Leg pads (in place of shin guards)

    • Catching and blocking gloves designed for hockey

    • Goalie Mask must be HECC Certified or a player helmet with a throat guard.  

  • No equipment meant for street hockey is permitted (Mylec and some Franklin).

  • Players are not permitted to wear loose-fitting jewelry.​



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