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SAIH will continue to offer the option compete in local tournaments. While a number of our players participate on non-Shaler teams that play in the off-season, this year we intend to introduce all of our players to the experience of tournament hockey! 

Tournaments are a great way to experience high levels of competition in a short amount of time. Tournaments take place during a single weekend and include multiple games each day (typically 2 x 15 min periods) in a round-robin format to qualify for championship rounds. The more you win the more you play - though there is a minimum number of games guaranteed.

2023 ECHO Tournament - September 9-11, 2023

  • Location:

    • Mt Pleasant Sportzone (formerly Hot Shots)

  • Pricing:

    • Team cost is TBD

    • Individual player cost: [Team cost]/[roster size] (estimate $65-$75/player)


Please register if you wish to participate in this tournament. We intend to field SAIH teams and strongly recommend playing in tournaments to increase skills and confidence playing higher-level teams. If we are unable to field individual teams we will attempt to consolidate, where possible, to create teams that can participate at their respective level and/or work to place individuals on other teams that are participating.

Click Here to Register or Email for more information.

Future Tournaments

  • Stay Tuned!​

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